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Damped Spring is a full service Macroeconomic and Commodity Research Firm.

DS Alpha, our flagship research product, and DS Alpha Read are led by Founder Andy Constan with Jimmy Jude providing technical analysis. 

DS Chigrl is our commodity research product spearheaded by Tracy Shuchart with additional analysis from Jimmy Jude and additional macroeconomic themes from Andy Constan.

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Damped Spring Alpha

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  • Damped Spring Alpha Portfolio
  • Damped Spring Beta Portfolio
  • Damped Spring Smart Beta Portfolio

Damped Spring Team

Andy Constan


Andy has spent the past 35 years investing and trading global markets. Over the last 12 years, he has developed strong expertise in Macro investing working at Bridgewater Associates as an Idea Generator and most recently at Brevan Howard as Chief Strategist. Andy spent the first part of his career at Salomon Brothers and its successor companies. After 17 years at Salomon and as the Head of Global Equity Derivatives, Andy left and started two relative value hedge funds specializing in Multi-Asset Volatility Arbitrage and Capital Structure Arbitrage. Throughout his career, Andy has developed a keen cutting edge understanding of systematic quantitative research and investment while also deeply appreciating the importance of the insights that arise from discretionary investing strategies.

Jimmy Jude

Contributor/Creator of content, sparkle and good cheer.

Jimmy began his career in 1994 as a market maker trading options in the Eurodollar pit at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He managed large option positions during a ten year period of elevated interest rate volatility and historic global events. He transitioned over to screen trading in 2004 where he learned the art of technical analysis while trading European indexes and spreading Energy forward curves. Jimmy was called back to the pits the following year to trade the unprecedented volatility in Natural Gas futures created by Hurricane Katrina. He remained at the New York Mercantile Exchange trading spreads in both Natural Gas and Crude Oil futures curves until 2012 when he joined a start-up fund to trade the VIX curve and S&P options. Jimmy has specialized in VIX forward curve trading since that time, venturing out in 2016 to trade his own capital.

Tracy Shucharts

DSchigrl principal contributor

Tracy is an experienced commodities professional. She started her career in 2005 at the Chicago Board of Trade where she worked her way up from broker to managing a trading desk.  As the trading desk leader at a renowned futures, options, and OTC  brokerage she worked with investment bank clients such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and ,Société Générale, as well as hedge fund, clients including Point72 and D.E.SHAW to execute market positioning across all commodity asset classes.  Leveraging her knowledge of the inner workings of the commodity markets and the various market participants she has built her own firm providing research and strategy for investors of all sorts focused on commodities. She is a regular contributor on commodity markets for Fox Business, Bloomberg BNN, Asharq News (Dubai), CNBC,  Futures Radio Show and CME Group. Tracy also has a large following for her well regarded Podcasts and Twitter Spaces.


The Damped Spring Report is a twice monthly research report that outlines everything that is being seen in the markets. This report has a portfolio that has made consistent gains with a four year track record. The DSR offers our insights on the fundamental current and future economic expectations.

Private Twitter

Damped Spring Private Twitter is the place to hear all of Andy's and Jimmy's instant reactions to the market. Through Private Twitter, Andy and Jimmy answer all of the questions DS Alpha All Access members might have. Read Access members will have their questions answered periodically. In Private Twitter there is a community of people all with similar goals.

Weekly Outlook

Live Zoom Call every Sunday. In this call Andy outlines what he is watching and expects to happen. Andy reviews the existing portfolio, discusses macro concepts important for understanding current conditions and highlights key flow and positioning situations.

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